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Your Source for Personal Growth

At North Trauma and Resource Center, we understand that life’s challenges can take a toll on your sense of well-being. As a fully certified Counselling and Training Clinic we are here to help you find yourself and realize your full potential in a mindful and respectful manner. 


Counselling typically begins with a careful evaluation to determine the relative contributions of trauma, temperament, biology, and other factors to each client’s presenting concerns and to help us gain a complete picture of each client’s strengths, resources, and areas of need. Based on this evaluation, and in close collaboration with the client, our clinicians develop an individualized treatment plan.

Our clinicians utilize an integrative approach to treatment that draws on psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural,  EMDR, interpersonal/relational, experiential, family systems, and other clinical frameworks. Our general philosophy recognizes both the physiological and psychological impacts of trauma and the importance of paying attention to both through treatment that bridges mind and body. In addition, North Trauma & Resource Center clinicians have extensive training and experience in a variety of specialized treatment modalities.


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